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Thank you for your interest in volunteering or interning at our Beltsville, Maryland office!

We have opportunities available in the following fields. We require our volunteers to dedicate a minimum of 2 hrs/week and our interns to dedicate a minimum of 8 hrs/week

General Volunteer/Intern:

  • Assist with day to day operational needs

  • Assist with event and campaign preparation

  • Provide help in any division when needed (administrative, project management, marketing, etc.)


  • Assist with administrative tasks as needed

  • Maintain Christalis databases 

  • Prepare and organize mailings

  • Assist with fundraisers and other volunteers

Fundraising & Development:

  • Develop new ways for Christalis to fund its mission sustainably

  • Research new fundraising opportunities  

  • Develop, promote, and improve current fundraisers 

  • Solicit potential sponsors and donors 

  • Develop and maintain important relationships with schools, universities, churches, sponsors, and donors

  • Develop new and creative ways to appreciate donors

Grants & Corporate Funding:

  • Research significant, prospective funders

  • Identify new sources of institutional funding, family foundations, corporations, etc. 

  • Submit and manage grant applications 

  • Monitor and implement reporting regulations once grants are awarded

Nonprofit Management:

  • Help with various aspects of nonprofit management including operations, board development, fundraising, and volunteer management. 

Project Management:

  • Assist in directing current projects at Christalis 

  • Manage resources and inspire participants to accomplish project objectives  

  • Evaluate project effectiveness 


  • Provide legal guidance regarding human resources, financial regulations, filing regulations, and board related documents

Public Relations:

  • Create and maintain Christalis's successful public image

  • Craft strategies and implement tactics for thriving public relations campaigns

Website & Social Media:

  • Create and maintain eye catching profiles in various social networks 

  • Execute social media strategies across social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

  • Strategize and implement tactics to increase traffic to social media platforms and website

  • Create exciting website content and update website as needed

Graphic Design:

  • Design eye catching annual reports and other regular publications

  • Design and create promotional materials 

  • Design other items as needed 


  • Design, create, and edit videos for successful marketing and fundraising purposes

Event Coordination:

  • Plan, organize, and coordinate promotional events

  • Solicit event donations from stores and organizations

  • Organize event appreciations 

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