Through the Eyes of a Volunteer "The Best Job I Ever Had!"

Dylan Browning, 24, Christalis Volunteer

Ever since his first trip to France, Dylan Browning has had the travel bug. As a senior in high school, Dylan went on a short term mission trip to Kenya, where he helped build an addition onto a local medical facility and run a VBS for a local school. It was during this trip when he fell in love with Africa. Here is Dylan's experience through his own words.

"I loved the people, the culture, and the experience I had with them. After this trip, I knew that I wanted to spend a longer amount of time in Africa doing some sort of service.

My first memory after getting off the plane was how incredibly hot I was. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, in Montana and Washington, so heat isn’t something I’m very used to. It gets hot during the summers and obviously traveling to Uganda I was mentally prepared for it to be hot, but when I stepped off that plane and felt the heat I thought, Uh oh, this is going to be fun.