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Bluann Faber

Social Media Admin

“Everyday, knowing that every part of your job matters. It's what makes the mundane enjoyable. Knowing that a phone call is helping a one year old in Uganda.”


Vocation: Videographer

In my spare time…

I like to snack on lemons and limes, dance, and spend time with my 1 yr old and hubby.

I’m in nonprofit work because…

I wasn't sure if ministry, missionary work, or a full time job was my thing. But once I studied marketing, I knew I wanted to work for a small business or nonprofit doing something that mattered. 

My favorite memory at Christalis...

I love telling people about the work that Christalis does, the children, the families, and single moms. Being able to gush about something I believe in is a dream.

I want you to know...

You are important. You matter so much in the lives of the Christalis children and families. Thank you for your support. Those 5 words mean more than you know.

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